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Four books that should be in your library

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What to read? We have collected 4 incomparable books for you. These books should definitely be in your library, because they not only carry unique knowledge, but also really change the way of thinking.

“The Man Confident” Eric Hoffer

The book is very small in volume, nevertheless, many readers agree that it is not easy to read it, since each paragraph is filled with meaning and makes you think seriously. Many are amazed at how deeply Hoffer, an uneducated person, managed to penetrate the essence of mass movements and subtly describe the psychological forces that make people renounce their individuality. Hoffer is not a supporter of popular movements, since they depersonalize and devalue the individual principle of a person. According to the author, the willingness to die for a sacred cause is a sign of mental and physical weakness. Support in the form of a great idea is needed for those who cannot think for themselves.

 “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari

We tend to rely more and more on machines and algorithmic programs. We ourselves act according to the algorithm, the author believes, and in a sense, we are also kind of computers that constantly process data. But the computer algorithms we’ve created do it much better. This means that machines and IT technologies will develop until they completely replace human labor and thought wherever possible. And where will people go, whose work is no longer needed? Harari calls them “useless people” who did not fit into a brave new world. They will seek oblivion in the virtual world and stimulants, while a small handful of “immortals” will enjoy the fruits of high technologies, including biological ones.

“Innovators” Walter Isaacson

The computer and the Internet are among the most important inventions of mankind. But few people know who was behind these inventions. And even fewer know that most inventions did not appear as a result of the inspiration of individuals, but thanks to the joint efforts of groups of gifted people. Isaacson’s book is a story of innovation and the pioneers who implemented it. It is also a story about their collaboration, about how teamwork further enhanced their creativity.

 “Sapiens” Yuval Noah Harari

Our path was not straight. The Sapiens were not the only species of people, but they remained so. The answer to the question of why this happened is not completely clear, but, most likely, it reveals very dark secrets of our past – the time of the appearance of sapiens in different places coincided with the mass extinction of other species. He offers a glimpse into these and other our secrets in his book “Sapiens. A Brief History of Humanity “Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari. In it, he describes the path of a person without embellishment and covers the entire history of mankind – from inception to the present and possible future.

Finally, a few recommendations from us on how to read effectively

  • Read only useful books that enrich your inner world, give new knowledge and ideas. To do this, follow the recommendations and ratings of reputable publications and portals. For example, follow us.
  • Try to read every day to build a healthy habit.
  • Set aside a special reading time when you know for sure that no one will disturb or distract you, such as early morning, lunch break, or late evening.
  • Be sure to keep a synopsis of the ideas in each book to help you better absorb and remember information.

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