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Find more listings and options with real estate Aruba

Living in Aruba is currently very popular and that is not only because the island is so beautiful and has many beautiful beaches. The island has a lot of nice things to offer and that is why many people move to Aruba. Many students come there to live temporarily and do an internship and nurses and doctors come to help in the hospital or do an internship. From the Netherlands, employees in the hospital are often sent to Aruba for certain examinations or to strengthen the team. Are you such a person and are you therefore looking for a temporary or permanent home? You can search for a home together with real estate Aruba

Can anyone buy or rent a house in Aruba?

Everyone is welcome in Aruba to buy or rent a house, they are in fact very happy when foreigners buy a house in Aruba. If they come to live there, that’s really nice. Aruba is an island that runs on tourism or foreigners who come to live there temporarily. When you buy a house it is of course important that you know what you are getting into. A house in Aruba costs about $150,000 at the very least and can go up to $5 million. 

Do you pay a lot of tax in Aruba?

When you talk about the tax costs that you have when you buy a plot of land or a house, these costs are relatively low. How much the tax cost depends on how much the house you buy costs, just like in other countries. The first $34,000 is tax free, after that you pay about $4 per $1,000. So that would be 0.4%. 

Are you curious about a number of homes? Check out the Aruba Palm Realtors website. They have beautiful houses on the website.