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Best business to start right now


Best business to start right now


1. Existing customers.

“Combine personal selling with e-business. Concentrate on existing customers. If you have to start finding customers now it will be very difficult,” says Edwin Basten, Netdirect director. But does the customer actually exist? According to Professor Verbeke not 


2. Contact.

“Any application where people can get in touch with each other, maintain contact with each other and expand contact with each other was, is and will be able to be successful. In other words, as long as you stay within the concept of ‘contact between people’ you have the best chance of real success. Think of applications like e-mail, (Hotmail), ICQ, (mobile) telephony and intermediary concepts (dating sites and the like).” Kees Zegers, Director Virtual Industries


3. Cutting costs.

“The Internet will increasingly be used to save costs instead of earning additional income. In other words, earning money by saving costs. Example: online banking (fewer branches).” Kees Zegers, Director Virtual Industries


4. Shoe polish vending machine.

A shoe shine machine in every supermarket. And not one of those machines with two brushes that you see in most hotels. No, a sophisticated machine that has separate lubricating and polishing brushes, in the varieties of black, brown, blue and colorless. With a screen that displays the precise instructions step by step. There is more need for this than a personal in-home shoe cleaning service, because it is cheaper. Shiny shoes again for two euros.


5. Entertainment vending machine.

Refueling my MP3 player at the station or gas station.


6. Test (1).

You may not take certain medications because others suffer from the side effects? That time will soon be over. Currently, many  are banned because they can be harmful to a small group of people. By providing equipment to the biotech industry that can better map disease processes and genetic ‘sensitivities’, it is possible to better estimate who can take which. Anyone can quickly take a test. Affimetrix is doing this in the US and it is expected to become a profitable project in the next few years.


7. Test (2).

Checkpoint is a successful, commercial AIDS testing center in Amsterdam.


8. SnapLink.

Photography is hot, and Sjoerd Vrijburg understood that. He started Snaplink: view your own party photos on the internet at low cost, without having to take them to the photographer yourself. At parties disposable cameras are handed out with a complete Coca-Cola layout. At the exit there is a large basket in which the rolls, provided with your address details and e-mail can be thrown in. The advertiser develops the film at low cost and makes it available on the Internet. Low costs, lots of advertising and addresses. (still under construction)


9. ‘ sells

It’s not said that every  farmer will become a millionaire, but if you are there early on when a new platform emerges (it seems that mobile  is pretty hot at the moment) then you have a better chance of becoming rich than investing your money in lottery tickets.


10. Clean up (1).

The latest filtering initiative from the Baan brothers: a neural network looks at which words are most common in normal sites and most common in  sites. The list is checked daily and new rules added. So that a page with the word , which also contains Ford, is not rejected. It works in conjunction with Image Manager from Clearswift 


11. Cleanup (2).

Why is there no CD shredder yet?


12. Open Brick.

Heavy-duty laptop? The Open Brick is a small and quiet, but full-featured computer. Optimized for Open Source solutions. These include a firewall, mini-server, portable website, intelligent answering machine, thin client, MP3 player. Initiator: Marcel van der Boom.


13. Clubbing in co-locations.

These co-locations were set up en masse during the Internet hype and are now empty, cheap to rent or buy and easily accessible. The spaces are well cooled and vented, also fireproof.


14. Stealth.

Soldiers can be detected in the dark by the warmth of their bodies. There is a lot of work being done, including by TNO, on stealth combat suits, ‘invisible uniforms’. Tests have been done in which a fan pumps carbon dioxide through the uniform so that body heat is only gradually given off to the environment.



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